20 Years of Growth

Its been twenty years since I started studying horticulture.  Back then I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just wanted to create beautiful gardens.  How and where I would do that and by what means I knew not.  My first apprenticeship position was maintaining a very poorly planned endangered Green and Gold Bell Frog habitat at the Sydney 2000 Olympic village.  The planting and the maintenance where separately contracted and so the installers had done little-to-no weed suppression (as they weren’t bidding for ongoing work) and the business I worked for won the maintenance contract – ALL WE DID WAS WEEDING!  No wonder I thought gardening was boring.


My second apprenticeship position was with a garden make-over company.  We would turn up to a site and in two days completely overhaul the front or backyard so the owners could have one “just like the neighbours”.  I’m not kidding.  That business was also quite bloky and I felt an outsider with my workmates.  Added to that I was terribly immature, my rocky love life took too much of my attention and the work wasn’t demanding enough to use as an escape from my love blues.  Instead I spent a great deal of my time doing monotonous garden maintenance jobs while thinking about my sad drama.  I only lasted as a gardener for six months.  All I had for my time was the planting bug and a “one day” plan.

Years later I became a florist and found that my love and knowledge of plants returned as I advised customers on styling pots and plant choice.

A few years ago my dear friend Anna hired me a few times to help her choose beautiful plants for her house and to spruce up her courtyard.  If it hadn’t been for her gentle pushing I might still be working in an office or flower shop.  Thanks Anna for your good vibes and encouragement.  ex oh ex oh