Plant Planner

pexels-photo-164401.jpegBeautiful plants in just the right pot are as good as a vase of flowers.

I choose and deliver plants in their prime that will look fabulous and replace them before you get bored.  All you do is water, I’ll even leave you a note on when to do that.

If you would like a longer term green housemate I can advise you on good choices for your position and source a perfect specimen.

Servicing Sydney’s East exclusively
Use the contact link for a consultation


I have to introduce myself to potential customers in my target business areas.

I’m all at sea, so nervous to approach new customers.    Even though I love helping people find out what they are looking for in the shop, poking my head into people’s businesses and shops is really intimidating and frankly I get a stomach ache at the thought of it.

Yeah me, Miss Friendly-chops in high anxiety!  I know a strength for me is sales, I genuinely like the interaction – finding out what people are trying to achieve – its always adding life and beauty and maybe impressing someone but there’s always something the customer is trying to avoid too – and that’s really the core of the sales process.   This customer wants something impressive, masculine but something that won’t need a lot of light.  And another customer wants something colourful but not quaint, but not a succulent and slow growing in mixed light conditions.  All that’s easy, that’s just a conversation.  Introducing myself to people while they are at work, sometimes interrupting their flow and knowing I’m sure to hear so many “Thanks but No Thanks!” well it turns me into a scaredy cat.

After planning, scheduling, struggling and then bailing on my plans (I even put on my new dress and favourite sandals) I have recruited my brother to babysit me through a few of these sales sweeps.  Thanks for little brothers (32 years old).  What a relief that I don’t have to start until Monday.  (It’s Saturday.)

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