Gift ideas with a touch of green

This is one of the easiest, cheapest, cheekiest and ironically personal gifts you can share.

First you need a container.  What I want you to think about is what you drink with this person.

Booze? Think gin bottle, bottle of wine, champagne.

Tea? Think teapot, samovar

Cocktails? Think shakers, martini jugs, unusual cocktail glasses.

Coffee?  Think ceramic mug, coffee pot, even an instant coffee jar might be appropriate.

If you don’t drink anything together or you’re not that good friends yet but you’d like to be, find a lovely vase.

Remember its personal.  It’ll mean more if its elegant but honest.

Where are you going to find that perfect item that is so individual?  Well if you’ve got a bunch of money and time to wait for delivery I guarantee you can find the perfect item online. Search for images and follow the trail of crumbs. You could also go direct to etsy, ebay, gumtree etc.

If you don’t have time and this is my preferred option, then get your awesome self to the local op-shop -Vinnies, the Salvos, Red Cross etc.  My local Vinnies is a treasure trove – its not cheap because well.. Bronte, but it makes up for that with the range.   The other thing to note about your local shop is that it will carry items that reflect the tastes of your local area, so if its coffee you drink locally then you’re probably going to find lots of coffee themed options locally.

When you have your perfectly personal vessel you need a plant that will be happy in most light conditions and grow well in water.  Philodendron is my go-to water plant.

pexels-photo-827518.jpegYou can find one at your local plant shop BUT I wouldn’t bother.  Philodendrons are practically weeds, they’re often used by local councils because they can take quite a bit of neglect.  They self propaagate by layering (sending out stems that have the capacity to grow roots whenever they find a likely spot)  You don’t need to rip up the whole plant, look for a wandering stem.  Examine the stem and you’ll see roots questing for a place to find water and support.  Break off the stem below the root nodes and carry your pirate booty home.  All you have to do now is recut and wash the stem, rinse the leaves and roots gently with water (no detergent needed) peel off any dead leaves, and trim roots that are clearly dead and place your prize in the bottle, cup, jug, teapot or vase with plain water with at least one little root submerged.

Put the Philodendron in bright shade, for example a south facing window sill (I’m in Australia and in the northern hemisphere that would be north facing).  The Philodendron roots will really take off if the pot is dark and doesn’t let in light but they will still grow in a clear glass so to get things started I suggest you wrap glass vessels in a dark cloth for the first few weeks if you have time to spare.

If you want to give the Philodendron a boost, once the roots are established you can add a scant amount of fertiliser in the form of a few grains of slow release to the water but I suggest you only do this occasionally.

Philodendron are so easy to keep and they’ll take off with little to no fuss.  Search Google images for styling ideas and tips on care.IMG_20180226_112839

This philodendron is the easiest to keep in water.

Happy shopping, happy planting and don’t forget to top up the water levels.

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