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Why I’m Different From The Other Guys

There’s three main ways I’m different, here I’ll explain what’s really important to me.

Horticultural Knowledge.

I actually do know about plants, I didn’t go to TAFE just to get a qualification. I have had a passion for biology since I was a teenager, top 5 percentile for HSC Biology. I’m very interested in ecology and the interrelatedness of all things. I really have turned deserts into low maintenence jungles.


I’ve got a passion for design in all aspects of life. I have a qualifications in Millinery (hat making and design), Floristry, Jewellery and Textile and Fashion design and Sculpture. I’m not just interested in things that look hot right now and would fit into a magazine, I’m interested in the design and how it relates to you and enhances your life. Everyone wants to look like they know what’s going on but design that really solves problems is timeless.


I believe I’m unique in the way that I bill my customers. I charge by the hour and I have two main billing structures. For complete design work including horticultural knowledge I charge $90 an hour and for either horticultural or design knowledge or skill, I charge $50 an hour. I do not add extra for plant or material purchases. A lot of people in this field will routinely double the price of plants and materials and they charge more than I do for labour. Most people in this field prefer to charge for the complete job – that way they can hide a lot of charges within the quote. I don’t do that because I want my customers to be empowered to take charge of their garden or indoor plants. I’m always there if you have questions or need physical input but the best thing I can do for you is give you confidence that you can grow beautiful things. You can grow anything if you understand its needs. I want to make that simple for you. That’s a life skill everyone deserves.

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